A horrid bitch of a weather pattern created in the Caribbean, but that likes to fuck shit up for miles. Attacks Snookis and bitties on the Jersey Shore. Can lead to power outages, drunken escapades, and challenges ability to answer booty calls.
Some say this weather pattern is the angels tears, weeping over all the gay sex on cruises in the Caribbean. It could also be an attack on Mitt Romney's "Binders full of women" in DC. Origins are unknown.
"Shut up, Sandy, you windy whore."

"This is your official Sandy booty call."

"I can't go online, I got Sandied"
by Violettavalori November 03, 2012
Top Definition
One of the only people on this earth that truly cares about life. Does not lie to anyone and especially not to herself. She stays true to herself.

Nothing can compare to this person. She is everything.
I realized you can't find love by finding the perfect person, but by seeing the imperfect person perfectly.

Sandy, you are the world to me. I see your eyes everywhere I look. When you left, I stopped smiling.
by Ray M3 November 01, 2007
The most amazing kind of girl in the universe. Sandys are the smartest, prettiest, bravest, no-nonsense women you can find on planet Earth. A Sandy is the girl you'll want to marry. Sandy's are amazing kissers and make amazing food. They are the most artistic beings and are well knowing in all things sexual.
Sandy is the love of my life.
Sandy is amazing.
Will you marry me, Sandy?
Sandy has a long term boyfriend, and all you have is some fat long-haired freak.
by sheen neutron August 25, 2008
A girl that wonderful. A person that you would die for. Someone thats perfect in everyway possible. A special someone taht comes once in a life time. Sandy is Exotic, pretty, hot, sexy, wonderful, and special.
She's a Sandy.
She looks like a Sandy.
That chick is a Sandy.
by ='.'= November 25, 2007
Charasmatic spitfire, usually to swift or cunning for most, independent, smart, loyal, loves whole heartedly. Very assertive, likes order, Can see through the lies.
Has a Colourful personality,..likes to make others laugh, is one of a kind, compassionate, trusting....sometimes too much.
Has a heart of Gold...not to be screwed over...never ends well for the other person!

Over all a ONE OF A KIND....she is a sandy!!
sandy.........great hair, bootilious,crazy,witty, direct,helping,caring, loving. Funny, sarcastic by far,loves a good fight.
by sandy j February 05, 2010
Being beyond beautiful,amazing,funny,and perfect that there had to be a new word made for it called Sandy
Youre so sandy (:
by matthewr1029130 March 30, 2013
The most amazing kind of girl in the universe. Sandys are the smartest, prettiest, bravest, no-nonsense women you can find on planet Earth. A Sandy is a girl that every other girl wishes they could be. Sandy's are amazing movie watching company, but they are much to classy for popcorn.
wow she's so sandy!

girl: hey who's that talking to that necklace?
other girl: i dunno, she must be a sandy.
by AlienCat August 13, 2011
1. A barely-a-hurricane that would not have been big news had it hit Florida or the Carolinas.

2. A squirrel who can live underwater.
1. We get a Sandy every other year down here, New York, quit crying!

2. Sandy left the ocean to visit Texas.
by ptnc_92 February 09, 2014

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