When someone is acting bitchy/moody. As if they were at the beach and got sand in their vagina/orifice , which put them in a sour mood on an otherwise lovely day.
Dude why are you so sandy today?

What's Gary's problem he's acting so sandy.

Stop being a sandy little bitch!
by Apadravya July 26, 2010
A true man, with great sense of style!
Your boyfriend is such a Sandy!
by BranVan3000 March 25, 2011
Vagina, with sometimes a piece of sand in it
That Kevin looks like a sandy!
by walkingwannabe November 02, 2010
A hand Job on the beach
I got a Sandjob on the sandy beach in Ocean City.
by N.S 1994 July 19, 2010
After a girl makes you a sandwich, you proceed to eat it while she gives you a handjob.
Cameron had sex with her?

Nah, he's really religious and hungry so he just got a sandy
by worthy alumni chair April 04, 2011
of a sandy texture or color. the color of a lions fur.
The man who stole my watch had sandy colored hair and blue eyes.
by Traveling Bob July 29, 2006
Refers to someone who is being unlegit about doing something. Usually irritated because of the sand in the vagina.

Someone might get the nickname of Sandy because they always complain about the easiest tasks. Usually mexicans.
Javi quit being a Sandy.

Javi get the sand out of your vag.
by SandyJanus March 15, 2010

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