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Used to refer to a member of the fairer sex who's got absolutely breathtaking looks and the sweetest heart albeit being a little nutty.
Dude, I think Jessica Alba is almost a Sandu!
#sandu #pretty #gorgeous #breathtaking #sweet
by Hcas February 14, 2011
A word derrived from the Euthiopian pronuncacion of the word "Saandi", which means "Shit". Used in certain European countries due to the easier pronnunciation of "sandu" over "shit"
Oh, sandu..
#shit #sandu #ethiopia #saandi #european
by Arubuian February 16, 2011
A word derived from South African tribal communities that are located along the Ivory Coast. Used as a farewell or a greeting, meaning, welcome with open arms or peaceful and carefree trails ahead.

word is also used as a sign of peace or tranquility.
"Later bro, I'm gonna get going now."
"Sandu bro."
by Teston June 18, 2005
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