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The alternate and fun way to describe Sandra. Coined by the popular method of making words fun, and started by Snoop Dogg.
Fosheezy my neezy = For real, my nigga?

Sandreezy, what's poppin? = Sandra, what is going on today?
by carrotsandwich February 07, 2010
A hip-hop inspired nickname for a person (usually female) whose name contains at least the word "sand" (Sandra, Cassandra, Sandy, etc.) and most likely used to describe someone with one or more of the following qualities: fun, lively, sexy, cool and wild.

Can also be used as an alter-ego to explain over-the-top, uninhibited acts of craziness--usually caused by alcohol--committed by someone, as described above, who would normally be more sensible.
1.) "It's goin' down tonight cuz Sandreezy's in da hizzouse!"
Translation: Tonight will be exciting because Sandra has arrived.

2.) John: Last night you danced on stage half-naked, fought a bitch, almost lit your eyebrows on fire, swung around on the stripper pole, ran over a curb at a gas station, then you punched me while fighting another bitch.

Sandra: That wasn't me, it was Sandreezy! *grin*
by JeezyRizzles November 02, 2011
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