a remark towards the middle eastern people or the muslim culture.
person : saifur your a sandrat
by Endless Shadow December 20, 2003
Top Definition
British Army slang in use before the Second World War, a sand rat is a whore, hooker or prostitute in a seaside town. They became known as sand rats because, like rats, they only came out after dark and would take their clients down to the beach for sex on the sand.
A British squaddie going on leave might say to his mates, "Right, I've got me 'water wings and calamine' and I'm off to play with the sand rats."
Note Water wings and calamine referred to condoms and barrier cream issued to soldiers to try to reduce the risk of them contracting STD.
by Croatalin November 30, 2013
A Middle Eastern Terrorist
The building was bombed by a group of fukin Sand Rats
by Navarone March 31, 2004
One who posses extreme and uncontrollable anger and is most likely to act it out, violently. Mostly while playing games like Call of Duty where he gets killed so many times by the same "Camper Cunt" that he screams, thus either turning his Xbox off or switching to another game that he knows he will also rage on.

Assorted Xbox Party Members: "Josh stop being such a Sand Rat goddammit"
by J+K LoL December 04, 2011
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