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Samya is a cute Arabic name which means 'high' or 'sublime' as in 'excellent.' The translation of this word in Russian is 'family' and in Hindi it's 'Goddess.'

People with this name tend to be very active. They love to travel and hate to sit around in the same spot for too long.

A person named Samya is daring, and persuasive. They love to try new things and take chances.

Professionally, they can be successful as a public figure, in the media, or at developing new ideas for small businesses.
samya arabic samia cute family
by Hazeleyes September 29, 2013
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Samya is a female name, those who go by this name tend to be very attracting to the opposite gender known as the males. Samya's are said to be actual Goddesses who were sent down from God to bless the cruel and harsh world. This saying started because of the Hindi translation of the name which actually translates to "Goddess". It also translates to "High and exalted" in the Arabic language. Those who are aquainted with a Samya are considered to be very lucky people.
It feels like a Samya has blessed this land.
by Zesa February 20, 2017
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