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to flirt with a really hot girl who everyone thinks is so hot.
Julia: Did u see adrian at the mall yesterday?
Max: yea he was sammying with sammy
by AdrianLovesSammy7 December 04, 2009
1. To engage in fun filled activities with somebody and spend a day or more with that person tickling, playing, and receiving butt.

2. To be extremely whipped and do everything your girlfriend tells you to do in a day spent exclusively with her.

3. The definition of a faggish day

4. Vinny
1. Brian - "Hey, Im sammy-ing it up! <3"
Sam - "Yay, uhm lets tickle each other and play!"
Brian - "Uhm, no i don't tickle, but uhm can I have butt?"

2. Girls - "That kid Brian does everything his bitch tells him to do, but that fact that hes so attractive and guido makes me want him reallyyy bad, what a very attractive boy!"

3. Brian - "I hate fags..I dislike to sammy it up when there is fags in the premises."

4 Mario - "Yo Vinny, ya ready to hit the clubz bro??!"
Vinny - "Yeh broski jus gimme a minute, I need to put more gel in ma hair, ya'kno, get the all the pussy in the club wit mah boiz, yu hear bro?"
Mario - "Yeh man thts dope, well imma stanky legg while I wait"
by Stankyy Legg June 22, 2009
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