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Sammad: Best known as "THE SAMMA-LALALALALALALA" was officially defined in September 2001 as a coffee drink consisting of coffee, extra carmel expresso shots. Served extremely super extra extra HOTT!! JUST LIKE THE SAMMA-LALALALALALALA!! Corresponding with the person named Sammad... this drink known as THE SAMMA-LALALALALALALA is truely the most amazing and requires great amounts of love, friendship trust and respect! This heaven on earth is a delight so you GOTTA love The Samma-LALALALALALALA!!!! This drink will wake you up and if you drink it in the morning its like crack cocaine explosion juice!. And if you are driving on an airplane and falling asleep at the wheel, you will die... So thats why you need this drink to wake your bitch ass up! This is what the holy grail contains, THE SAMMA-LALALALALALALA.
P.S. This drink is best served with expresso hand grenades

SAMMA-LALALALALALALA is life's true joy!
I'm dying for some SAMMAD!!!!
by Star*bux February 10, 2008
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