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A very strange, extremely tall male who enjoys annoying people by saying the word "same" after every sentence even when it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

He uses his large, stupid grin, to irritate people and believes that he is much smarter than he actually is.
"Yesterday I felt really sick."

"Eurgh. He annoys me so much!"

"Wow. I did not think that I would pass that test."

"Did you see that programme on TV last night?"

Reply to all "Same" answers...
"Stop being such a Samitt!"
by IThinkTheRealQuestionIsWhoAreU January 30, 2010
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a person with no skills at all in life who aspires to be a chemist and ends up becoming a chemistry teacher.
a person who speaks complete nonsense day in and day out just to ruin the lives of her students.
Gosh Joe. Stop being such a Samitt. You ruin everything with your annoying chemist behavior! Get a life!!!
by awesomer_man April 17, 2007

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