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a really beautiful pretty girl who can tell the future. She is smart and pretty.
"Oh my god that girl looks like a samiha
by Ilikepie1298 May 28, 2011
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Is a VERY smart, beautiful girl. Who cannot be replaced. Funny and who makes everything more live no matter where you are. One of kind of girl. Someone who everyone wants to be.

Talks alot, which is something that makes her friendly and unique.

Extremely beautiful. Every guy's dream!

A real beauty, inside and out!
Guy 1: Woah, she's hot.

Guy 2: Man, I know. She's a definite Samiha.

Guy 1: That's forshure.
by CookieMonster! June 13, 2011
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This is someone who is fit, sexy and hot. She is extremely intelligent and not replaceable. She is really lively and has a fantastic sense of humour. She is very hard to get and is a mans dream. She is drop dead gorgeous and is extremely honest and trustworthy. Always loyal to the soil and cannot be faulted in anyway, she is beautiful, hot and curvy with a nice booty. She is perfect.
Samiha is sexy and hot. Omg every guys dream.
by HaroonRaja November 30, 2016
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