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To take pleasure in relentlessly annihilating opponents at games played in a head to head format. Specific to activities involving linguistic lateral thinking and digit dexterity. Prevalent within the southern England locale
This is no fun, you always Samble me.

525 points and you still Samble me!!

aaaah I've been Sambled again!!!
by Leighzybones April 27, 2012
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The absolute inability to read drawings, follow simple commands or accept any fault. Being a complete and utter twat. Specifically in the building trade in the west coast of Scotland.
You have really made a sambles of that! You unbelievable arsehead, what the fuck were you thinking.
by the mushroom squad April 07, 2014
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1.) A person who nobody likes, but people accept for reasons beyond their control, usually becoming a persons/group of persons bitch.

2.) The nickname given to the prison bitch
Kid 1: "What the hell man, this kids annoying, why do we let him hang out with us?"
Kid 2: "He's the teachers son...hes a sambles."

Prison Inmate: "Hey sambles, get over here! I dropped my soap bitch!"
by Dylan Elmer March 19, 2008
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