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The baddest chick in town. All the dudes want her but she is very selective cuz her momma raised her right. All the chicks wanna be her cuz she is a cross between Cassie/Mila Kunis and lives life to the fullest. The kinda girl that you take home to meet mom. She'll be the best thing that happened to you til you do her wrong, then you're cutoff...FOR GOOD.
I wish Samarah would come over, she's such a bamf!
by aroc33 December 13, 2012
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Pretty much the biggest bitch you will ever meet. So much so that she doesn't even deserve a definition here. Typically one that looks like an ape but acts like she is hotter than jennifer lopez. Yes, she too is mexican.
Dude did you see samarah last night?
YEAH! She looks like a total ape.

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