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1) Samandriel is a character from the CW's hit TV show Supernatural. He appeared in 3 episodes but was then captured by Crowely and tortured, where he revieled the existance of the angel tablet, and then was killed by Castiel under Naomi's orders.

2) Samandriel is an angel of the Lord.

3) Heaven's most adorable angel.
"I thought Samandriel was dead." -Castiel to Naomi.

"Who would want to kidnap Heaven's most adorable angel?" -Dean Winchester referring to Samandriel
"Crowely." -Castiel answering Dean's question.

Fan-girl 1: Dean is so lovable
Fan-girl 2: Sam is like a teddy bear
Fan-girl 3: Castiel is so sexy
Fan-girl 4: Samandriel is so adorable<3 he's like a lost little puppy. You just want to take him in and give him all the love and affection you an affordღ

*WARNING* You may feel the sudden urge to cuddle when you see him.
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