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homo who loves taking it in the ass. this type of person doesn't care who they hurt or how condescending they are. also, nobody can ever be friends with this person, although they pretend to be.
I never did anything to you!!! You are such a sam!!! Stop telling me what to do!
by matt gertz March 20, 2007
19 58
Meaning a sick person, usually someone with a stomach flu. The 'Sam' would throw up often unexpectedly.

A 'Sam' is also a busybody, or an extremely annoying CPA (certified public accountant).
Person A: Oh my God, why are you being such a Sam?! Stop memorizing all my debts to the cent!

Person B: Yeah! Stop being such a SAM!


Person A is throwing up a lot.

Person B: Wow, you are being very Samish.
by Aupres February 03, 2006
6 45
The biggest newb, n00b, or noob ever. This will never change NO MATTER WHAT. Everything he does is either on the spot, or later on, pwned the shit out of.
Man #1:Did you see that noob? I pwned the shit out of him
Filipino Man with large cock #2 Yeah thats Sam
by LongrodVonHugendongg January 01, 2009
20 60
A man who likes to wear girls clothing and thinks its cool, usually pink in colour.
when in shops he wanders over to the girls section and strokes the fur coats.
Gay Kid:Hey look at my new vest
Cool Kid: Dude You Look Like A Sam..
Gay Kid:But Its Pink?
Cool Kid: Faggot.
by Haamanja November 30, 2008
27 68
1. Horny tool who derserves nothing better than a slut.
2. Fucking bitch who likes a girl and then leaves her hanging for someone else.
3. Nothing better than a piece of shit even if he is good looking.
Omg, he like totally pulled a Sam on you.
by JoyRide January 25, 2009
17 60
short for Small Asian Men
"hey dong-chin, why don't you come out to the club tonight so we can rep SAM"
by J Chan March 14, 2007
100 145
1. a word describing any abnormally skinny ginger.
2. a person who thinks he/she is the shit by making fun of cute little girls, and pretending to be emo, yet still expects to get laid.
3. a person who is so lazy, he/she hasn't gone shirt shopping since he/she was in preschool, he/she hangs around the same place all day, and he/she doesn't even completely write out their own name.
A. "Ashley Olsen's new nick name is Sam."
B. "Although the blue-eyed blondie's name was Helen, we called her Sam because she claimed to be emo by listening to screamo music, painting her nails black, and wearing her 7-year old little sister's jeans."
C. "If you're wondering why I'm wearing a tiny t-shirt with the name of a preschool on it, it's because my name is Sam, and I'm too lazy to go to the fucking mall and buy some new ones."
by k.n.b February 05, 2008
30 78