a gay faggot
sam dkjsnvbdsj
by samxksjbcskj July 08, 2009
means Stupid Arsed Motherfucker

often used to insult total priks
guy 1: man that guys a SAM
by beermchoff July 13, 2008
1. A very fat person
2. Goes to cadets
3. Goes out with fat boys (and likes/licks it) ;)
4. Shags his BFs (who are guys)
5. FYI. has 1 BALL!
6. Chases randomers with a baseball bat
7. Is a library basher
8. Sings in the shower
9. Thumps on the wall when masterbating
10. Smells like a dustbin
OMG that fat kid in the cadet uniform must be called sam!!!
by HUNKYMONKEY ;) I AM DA SEX!! November 30, 2009
Uses people to go places,sucks dick,acts differently around other people.SMALL DICK,Masterbates to anime, thinks he is cool or hard,GAY OR BI,lies alot, likes it in the ass, only dates girls to cover up being gay,
That dude is such a Sam i would never want him as a friend.
by Levi555 November 09, 2008
Another word for a foot, that has been grated by a PedEgg.
girl 1: Man, that girl has a huge sam!
girl 2: I know its gross! I saw foot shavings in her pasta.
both: EWWW!!!
by Lola Snickerdoodles September 06, 2008
noun- A huge turd floating in the Detroit sewer system usually resulting from eating nachos at another Lions loss. Sometimes Sams can travel great distances and have been known to pop up as far away from Detroit as Vermont or North Carolina.
I went drop a Sam at Ford Field and Matt Millen was in the stall next to me.
by Bruce Cheeseman November 19, 2007
1 - Commonly used to describe a once popular individual who has fallen from fame but is yet to realise it. Along with gross over-confidence, a certain lack of wit sums up the personality of such a character. If you engage in general conversation with a "sam" expect frequent interruptions in the form of childish outburst of random sounds. This seems a common ritual in the every-day life of a sam and is only found amusing only by the smattering of remaining cult-followers.
2 - In certain areas of Northeast Scotland can be used to describe a random person who looks similar to Dibs.
1 - "God i can't believe that guy keeps trying to talk to me, who does he think he is?"
"Relax, he's a total sam."

2 - "Woah i could have sworn i just saw Dibs."
"Nah, it would have been Sam."
by Salway123 May 08, 2008

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