Large, bear like object, enjoys salmon, friget and enjoys taras mouth area. known to get wood over taras fine, fine body
oh man, did you see that sam bear getting horny over tara? imagine the after sex salmon they'll have
by hahahnoreally? March 03, 2009
Somebody who is hot as hell who has a fast and easy ex girlfriend and loves to chat up his ex ex girlfriend. He is also so cool he puts out bonfires.
Lookat that sam!
by beth.xo August 15, 2008
Acronym that stands for "Single Asian Male".
It sucks being a SAM because almost all the SAF are looking for SWM. But that's fine, because SAMs take SWFs too.
by SeeJ Mk. II December 15, 2006
A group of dudes.
Look at thoose Sams.
by Uber April 28, 2003
One whom has M.E, or myalgic encephalomeylitis. One who is tired most of the time, but when well can perform feats of impossibility.
<after witnessing a sleeping hobo jump up and fly to the moon and back> " DUUDE YOU ARE SAM "
by supermegamentalsam March 18, 2008
a rip of walmart gay fags who shop
i went to sam's to get a spanking from sam
by HoBo November 02, 2004
A whiny type of person who thinks that the world owes them something. Most Sam's are loners with not many friends. They will argue at any chance that they get, and continue to fight their battle even after they have been proven wrong. They rarely have jobs, and don't like to work hard even when they do.
Man! How about you do some work and stop being such a Sam?
by Kayyytin June 20, 2009

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