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Sam Rietta is a very handsome man. He is smart, funny, active, sweet, and no matter how old Sam may be he will always act like a kid. Sam is one of those people that when you see them you will fall deeply in love with. Sam plays soccer, hockey and ball hockey. He is a goalie for soccer. But when you think everything is perfect he will turn out to be a dick. But he is still amazing
Hey did you see Sam Rietta?

Alessia: " Ohmy god! yes isn't he sexy?!

me: " ya! but he's a dick.!"

alessia: " why?!"

me: " he got mad at me for something that wasn't my fault!"

alessia: " ya but he's still amazing!"

me: " ya forsure! <3"
by Alexia Tenesta August 11, 2011

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