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Def. 1: An advanced sexual maneuver where while mid coitus the man, or other penetrating member, fully extracts his phallus from the vaginal cavity and then proceeds, gathering all of his weight and with maximum velocity, to thrust said phallus into the unsuspecting anal cavity of his sexual partner without breaking rhythm and, ideally, achieving full penetration. The act is then consummated with shower tears and a feeble apology.

Def. 2: Used to describe overcoming a difficult situation (or 'Sam Jam') with confidence and mental fortitude.
'Tired of his vanilla sex life Matthew thought it wise to surprise his girlfriend with a well timed Sam Ram. Unfortunately his aim was not true and ended up in a painful Sam Jam.'

'Worried they would get fired from work for incompetence James and Michael decided to pin all of their work on their hardworking co-worker Chris, under threat of a Tag-Team Sam Ram. Chris, terrified, quietly agreed. James and Michael proceeded to celebrate the fact that they had successfully Sam Rammed that situation.'
by JimJamClamHam January 06, 2010
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