The Guitar/Vocals for the great indie band the Two Door Cinema Club. Even though he seems shy the band's fan have grown to like him very much.
Have you heard Sam Halliday playing guitar yet, he is amazing at it.
by #BasementPerson1 August 11, 2011
Top Definition
Sam Halliday is the Guitarist in the Indie or alternative band, Two Door Cinema Club. He often wears Kitsuné clothing brand, being his record company. He and his band are from Banjor, Northern Ireland. Many European girls are crazy for him. He is oddly but very well know in South Korea and other parts of Asia, where swarms of girls have chase after him. As of 2011 he is 21 years old.
Sam Halliday is sooooo hot....
by Fearne Morgan June 01, 2011
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