When a person shits and fails to clean up or "finish the paperwork" there may be a slight discomfort around the anal region, a slight burn to every step you take.
Man I think I gotta go and finish the paperwork, I've got the ol' salty eye happening!!
by brentlyexperience August 31, 2008
Top Definition
When one fails to clean up or "finish the paper work" after having a movement of things that aren't so very solid or porridge like in consistency.
Man I gotta go finish the paperwork, the ol salty eye is driving me effin nuts!! I can't even walk!!
by brentlyexperience September 13, 2008
When you train to absolute failure or at an intensity whereby the perspiration from your entire workout starts to flow into your eye/eyes to the point where you winch in agony.
Yesterday I was pushing for 10 reps on bench press however I couldn't complete my last rep as I got the 'salty eye'.
by Fitnessjunky August 31, 2015
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