A roll consisting of salt and nuts, normally more nuts and less salt. Made famous by it's picture on westcoaster.net
Mech Daddy: Hey man are you going to eat that salted nut roll?

Paul: No dude it's all yours.

Joe: I want half.
by S bomb March 30, 2009
Top Definition
The act of ejaculating on a woman's stomach. Immediately after, you rub your testicles in it and proceed to place them in her mouth.
I gave my lady the ol' salted nut roll last night.
by Smaack1001 August 08, 2009
A male genitalia that tastes salty because of perspiration mainly due to exercise and lack of hygiene.
Mike: This chick gave me a bj
Aj: Didn't you just go to the rec?
Mike: Yeah
Aj: Wait, did you shower after?
Mike: No...?
Aj: HAHAHA you had a salted nut roll!
by MJBAJG January 25, 2013
After a long day of work, keep in mind it's 90 degrees outside, and you shit in the blue house at work. You are rushed so you only have time for a "one timer." You go home from work with some major "swamp ass" happenin and your old lady is feelin frisky! You drop trow and she wants to lick your anus! Nuff said!
Holy shit randy, it was hot yesterday! I went home and my woman was begging for a salted nut roll!
by Sweaty Crack! July 02, 2009
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