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Like a hot girl or a nice ass.
Yo thats straight up salisbary
by James Boggan September 21, 2004
In response to the second post, you will never get laid. You go to salisbary, a school for avon rejects, who cry themselves to sleep everynight because they cant beat Avon in hockey. 52-3, bitch.
Your the bitch, baby.
Wanna be biscuit players. Talkin smack before the big game but blow it 6-2...not like they were actually going to win anyways. Then they say no one can beat them in the's some advice....get a legitimate goalie then we can maybe talk about having a team that can make it to the championships. Until then 52 - 3 bitches
"graf1527:Pollastrone is unreal and the biega brothers and i mean the whole team is an allstar team. No other team will beat them in the finals. whos a gonna kick AVONS ass.... salisbury."
Avon-6 salisbury-2(regular season)
Cushing-4 salisbury-2 (semi finals)
Avon-3 Cushing-0 (finals)
by back2back April 24, 2005
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