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best person in the world... someone who you know you can trust and is wicked sweet and sensitive... is really deep and a little shy but not afraid to be himself and express his opinion... someone you just gotta love
"yea the really cute boy... yea the one thats wicked sweet."
"oh.. his names saleh."
by meAgan... <3 July 21, 2009
The phonetic representation of how some northern dialects prounounce the name "Sally".

The name given to a child as an alternative to Sally evolved from the way some northern dialects pronounce the name.
"Hey Saleh y'alraht?"
"Hey Saleh, how be's thee?"
by randomerMe October 15, 2009
a person who is artistic to a fault, yeah, i said it. One who looks too deep into stupid things, thus wasting time searching the hidden meanings of unimportant.
Dude I am such a saleh, i just wrote a paper about the meaning of dirt to ants in the learning period of life.

Saleh: WOAH simba is a symbol for America's racism
Jacob: Die
by Marcosdsalfjsdalkf February 04, 2008
A person who only tells lies... compulsive liar and generally all around idiot.
its the gu you always laugh at when he leaves and the guy you dont want visitng you.

ohhhhhh no not saleh.....please save me hidddde
ohhhhh save me i dont want to see this guy.....ever
its saleh again. go away
by zarzar October 19, 2007

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