Salad fingers is a flash animation by the wonderful and disturbing mind of David Firth. Salad Fingers seems to be a man based on schitzophrenia patients with other mental problems as well. he sees the world as not really there due to his mental illness and seperation from what is going on.
it is true that you have to have a little bit of brain-power and the give-a-damn to see beyond the obvious picture, which in itself is stupid, pointless, disturbing. once you see the meaning behind it, it's a very insightful and artistic look into the mind of a mentally ill person. if you can gather the awesome strength of not mindlessly gazing at the pretty pictures and the groups of letters called 'words', it's easier to grasp the concept David Firth is laying out there. it's really sad, seeing as alot of people out there think the way Salad Fingers does...if you don't like it, fine, but the show brings up very true points about the world and its people.
idgit a: salad fingers is so dumb! he's icky!
nam: you don't have a psychologic bone in your body. go back to watching powerpuff girls; that's probably mindless enough for your mental capacity.
by Nammy September 24, 2007
1. The act of fucking a fence.
2. When somebody licks you until you have an orgasm
Person 1: Damn, I saw Stacie salad-finger yesterday!
Person 2: That's hott!!
Person 1: Come over right now and salad-finger me baby!
Person 2: only if you salad-finger me first!
Person 1: I CANT WAIT!!!!
by Awesomeee February 28, 2008
to have one or more fingers that are swollen from breaking or jamming, and that finger is used to poke fellow employees or finger girls asses with.
I made Eric smell my salad fingers after an intimate night with his mom
by the real salad finger August 03, 2010
The description of someone's abnormally long fingers. Originating from an online cartoon with a creepy man with abnormally long fingers who thinks running his fingers along rusty spoons is orgasmic.

Related words: salad toes
That girl has some serious salad fingers, she can't even right-click!
by deek-you January 13, 2010
Salad Fingers is the main character of a weird cartoon series on YouTube called Salad Fingers. Many have benefited from his wise words such as -"I like rusty spoons, I like to touch them. The feeling of rust against my Salad fingers is almost ORGASMIC".

People may also be referred to as 'Salad Fingers' if they get an orgasm from stroking rusty spoons.
Person 1:"oh my god, there’s a person getting an orgasm from stroking a rusty spoon in there."

Person 2"Yeah she’s my Salad Fingers Girlfriend.
Person 1: "Whoaa!!! She is HOT - I want a Salad finger girlfriend!!"
by urbanrustyspoonlover May 28, 2011
Having long, disgusting, smelly fingers.
Hey did you see that bitch tits' salad fingers. It looks like his dad was E.T.
by mrpoohbear January 18, 2011
One who embodies the definition of creepy; one who caresses things in a creepy manner.
P: i caressed it
L: you are such a salad fingers
by margerine December 27, 2006
Salad fingers is a mentally ill man who lives in some sort of wasteland / refuge for the insane. his only companions are his equaly crazy neighbors and a few sock puppets. He enjoys the feel of rusty metals and that has replaced sex in his psyche. He probally got his name from noting that his fingers were solid and confused it with "salad".
Salad fingers: "I love the feeling of rusty spoons, it's almost orgasmic"
by Crackymcsmacky September 26, 2005

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