useless, annoying, pink-haired, whiny, hooker, that no one likes and is hated upon here. No one likes sakura and those who do need to get their eyes and their brains checked...ya'll should be some kakashists and worship the very ground he walks on...Shes a total douchebag.
Everyone hates Sakura, she's a total douchebag...go worship Kakashi instead...or sasuke...thats cool too. =D
by my_pants_smell_good March 26, 2010
What every overweight anime fangirl uses as an online alias or much worse, considers it their real name.
Average Joe: Hey Amber!
Amber: My name is Sakura.
Average Joe: Uhh.. no it's not?
Amber(Sakura?): Yes it is! I want to marry all teh hot anime dewdz.
Average Joe: Go masturbate with a twinky you yaoi-loving retard.
by Zombie Gustov September 22, 2007
Interchangeable with lolita. A young girl who uses her sexuality to win favor from others. May or not really be sexually active.

Reference from the anime show "CardCaptor Sakura," starring such a girl.
That little Sakura! I know she's a manipulator, but damn she's hot!
by Muad'dib May 26, 2005
Sakura is japanese for cherry blossom. Until used by Kishimoto for his character Haruno Sakura in his anime / manga Naruto it was a pretty decent/pretty name.
Man, the sakura are very pretty in Japan.
Sakura is a whining, useless ho
by DaRandomBoy October 15, 2007
(Japanese) a fake on-line dating service woman, used to draw in and keep males using a service. will express interest for a time, then drop out before a meeting.

She seemed really great and was all interested in my Star Trek action figures but when we were gonna meet up, she said she had just met someone "really special" who happened to live a little closer by. Just a damn sakura to keep me paying for this crappy service.
by Owan October 18, 2007
A general name that creators seem to love giivng to all of the stereotypically weak anime girl characters.
Sakura in Naruto
Sakura in Card Captors
by gnilevart February 24, 2005
A cherry tree in Japanese,or in naruto,the stupidest bitch in anime history.abusive,reckless,useless,you name it.i admit she is stronger than the average shinobi, but if I were in the naruto universe, I would rather have a average shinobi, because they tend to have something Sakura lacks.a fucking brain.dont beleive me?she once DRUGGED members of her team, to kill a ninja she loved too much to kill,even though HE wouldn't hesitate to kill her, as well as being one of the worlds strongest shinobi
by PlatinumBeast August 07, 2016
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