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1. It is when you are playing goaltender in hockey and have every possible angle cut off, yet the player still manages to go top shelf on you.

2. Also means to stick your hand underneath a lawnmower or in a snowblower and the end result being your hand getting fucked up.

Named after the legendary hockey player Joe Sakic, who at the age of 38 still managed to get 100 points. At the age of 39 in the game of his career he had an altercation with a Honda HS928 snowblower but lost 1 to nothing. Synonymous with the word owned.
1. Patrick Roy who played most of his career with Joe Sakic and the Colorado Avalanche never got Sakic'd nearly as much as he should have.

2. Little Bobby Jr.: Aaaaahhhhh!
Big Bobby Sr.: I told you 10 thousand times not to stick your fucking hand in the snowblower Bobby. I hate to say this son, but you just got Sakic'd!
by SKYYGUYY March 29, 2009
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