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goodness, health, existence, life. Pete has enough of it for everyone, and his seems to be the most valuable of all sake.
"For pete's sake, couldn't you just shut the fuck up?!"
by Rusty Shackleford January 14, 2004
341 197
A Japanese liquor made from fermented rice.
Sake is pronounced Sah-Kay.
by Japanese_Culture July 22, 2011
437 99

Japanese rice wine.
"Sake's a rather dry drink."
by Dave June 21, 2004
210 58
Literally means "alcohol" in Japanese. In the English speaking world, sake refers to "Nihon-shu", Japanese rice wine.
Ichi-no-kura, my favorite. Served best chilled. "Umai desu yo!"
by Andy Mack April 12, 2005
119 49
Rice wine from Japan. Usually served hot rather than cold.
At the Japanese noodle stand, the man ordered a cup of sake to go along with his meal.
by Deej July 30, 2004
59 37
Noun: Japanese acholic beverage made from fermented rice.
Amoung my other liquiors you will find many bottles of sake.
by Ev1l L337 December 04, 2003
52 39
from Old English sacan:
to argue with; to blame; to accuse

possible forms
present: sake(s)
past: sook (or soke)
weak past: has (or have) saken
-ing type present: is (or are) saking
Don't sake your brother for that mess in the family room, young lady. I saw you make it.

He continues to sake his lysdexia for his frequent spelling errors.
by Nayrb Rellimer August 02, 2013
3 6