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noun; adjective.

noun: a sheep feeder; great for holding food for days; accessible from two directions; low to ground. Or a very cute girl; a woman who is talented in more than one way; knows how to play love games with guys but not get in too far; very sexy; a girl who knows the best moves in the bedroom; has an average size chest; someone who always smiles; A girl with the right attitude; very straight; woman who is AMAZING in bed; can be a bitch; the best kisser.

adjective: Sheep feeder: easy eating; Girl: being sexy; being sweet; being straight; being flexible.
"We used our new saila to feed the sheep. It works wonders!"

"Man, she is a real saila in the bedroom."

"Casey said that Shannon was a real saila last night at his house."
by snow chick 2008 February 06, 2010
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