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a beautiful, intelligent, deer-like female with a maternal nature to people called oisin. usually a rich brunette with fair skin, saidhbh usually has innocent blue eyes but with a mischevious brown streak. saidhbh has elegance and dignity and many guys seek her hand in marriage. despite being a very sought after girl, saidhbh has high standards and does not fall for just anyone. saidhbh is witty, stubborn and opinionated, kind, spontaneous, gorgeous but doesn't know it, often has a best friend clled hannah, funny, weird, a good reader, generous, and would do anything for someone she cares about. if you have a best friend called saidhbh you are very lucky, as a saidhbh is the best friend anyone could ever have.
so you think she's nice?

yeah she's a real saidhbh...
by hammiee August 30, 2010
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