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The short Indian kid who is always trying to get into fights. He likes to play aggressive sports like football, basketball, and ice hockey. He usually gets all the ladies and even though he is aggressive on the outside, on the inside, he is a generally nice guy.
by fluffykid17 January 15, 2012
An abnormally tall girl who wraps bandages around her boobs to make them look smaller. Don't fall for her innocence; she's a SLUT.
Did you see that girl in history class? She thinks she's Mrs. Mitra! What a Sahaj.
by adshfgls August 03, 2011
A negative kid who frowns at you no matter how friendly you are to him. in fact, the more you smile, the more pissed off he gets. hates hugs. smiles very rarely.
Turn that frown upside down and stop being such a sahaj

turbanmr. rannegativefrownethan
by goosemonkey April 08, 2011