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When the seat of your jeans is baggy so it makes you look like you have a saggy diaper. Can be fixed by buying a better fitting pair of pants that hugs your butt.

Can be abbreviated as SBS.
-Dude, you see that chick?
-Yeah man, either she needs to hit the gym or those jeans are just giving her Saggy Butt Syndrome!
by Gilli2 June 29, 2010
When a person who has a big butt does not wear pants that hug their butt enough and it makes their but look saggy.
Person 1: " did you see that girls butt?"
Person 2: " yeah, those pants are doing nothing for her butt she has a serious case of Saggy Butt Syndrome."
by Skulls_and_Roses October 22, 2015
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