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Someone who is both an asshole and a badass.
Sager kicked my ass and stole my woman, while teaching me math.
by Jon Baum January 11, 2005
Usually A last name for a good looking, Bad ass, old school romantic, Tattoo bearing male. A real ladies man. Get on his bad side and you will get your ass kicked. He gets with beautiful women and will kick your ass and steal your girlfriend if shes hot!
"Dude don't fuck with sager or he will kick your ass and steal your fine ass woman!"
#sexy #bad ass #sager #fine #gorgeous #beautifull #tattoos
by Dustin Sager November 02, 2008
a girl who comes off as a tool (full of herself, gets what she wants, every guy wants her)
Wow that girl is trying to grab so much attention, shes a total sager.

That sager thinks every guy here wants her shit.
#girl #tool #bitch #slut #skank
by johnny thundercat September 06, 2009
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