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A fantasy character name, usually a girl of immeasurable beauty.
Many a journeyman sought to find Safrin, whose legendary beauty was rumored to be in the depths of the enchanted forest.
by DJ E December 03, 2006
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A variation of the word "Saffron" -
dried stamains of crocis flower, used in cooking and cloth production (dye). Modified for use as a name, meaning radiant, female of immeasurable beauty. Modern English, by way of: Middle English safroun, from Old French safran, from Medieval Latin safrnum, from Arabic za'farn.
Name often used in Fantasy Gaming. "When he saw the baby's glow, he knew she was the one. Safrin had been born."
by GreyEyedGirl April 15, 2007
Those called a 'Safrin' are usually considered to be either a bitch or douche. They also usually pick on those smaller than themselves by making sarcastic and snide remarks.
"You're a douche"
"Don't you mean a 'Safrin'?"
by Samintanfer July 21, 2006

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