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An expression used ironically before another person engages in a potentially dangerous activity or action, meant to suggest that the person should take care, but not at the expense of having fun.
Alright, off you go down this steep tree-covered hillside on your homemade go-kart, after you just finished off that 12-pack. Don't forget, safety third!
#be careful #watch out #take care #damn the torpedos #go for it
by jwadsworth January 15, 2013
A mantra for performers doing dangerous things to remember that their own personal safety comes after the safety of the audience (first) and the safety of the venue (second). Used in burner and firespinning communities.
Have a great show, and don't forget, safety third!
by thegreenkacheek November 09, 2015
Mike Rowe of dirty jobs came up with the concept. TO have personal safety on your mind and not the companies line about safety first.
Hey Mike, safety third remember I ma here to make you money not keep you safe.
#safty #third #first #mike #rowe
by GeorgiePorgie47 July 12, 2013
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