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Verifying that a text message goes to the right person, as to avoid the humiliation of giving out the wrong information to the wrong person.
Michelle: Did you get my text?

Liz: Um, no. What'd it say?

Michelle: Ugh! I must've sent it to Lisa, then. I was talking about how much I hate her and the fact that she's such a hypocritical ice queen.

Liz: God, Michelle, she's our friend! And I agree, but you definitely should've practiced safe text.
by LiberalArmyWife August 19, 2007
To ensure all text messages are erased after text sex, thus avoiding any sneaky a-holes reading through your sexcapades.
Jack: "Man, Jill went through my phone and saw my text sex series with Jane again. Now I'm effed."

John: "Didn't I tell you Jack, ALWAYS PRACTICE SAFE TEXT!!"
by Pan Blanco August 15, 2008
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