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The practise of leaving one's face or other distinguishing features out of a sext, in order to ensure deniability should the picture fall into the wrong hands.
My boyfriend's phone got stolen by somebody in the school after we sexted. I'm not worried though. I practise safe sexting.
by Blakeyboy93 March 21, 2011
The act of using a password or other safety feature to prevent your friends, parents, girlfriends, etc from discovering your assortment of hot or racy pictures on your cell, computer, email or other encrypt-able devices.
Girl : I dunno, should I send john this pic?

Girl two : It's fine, John practices Safe Sexting!

Girl : That's good, no way that this pic will get into the wrong hands if he is Safe Sexting.
by Hyperman036 March 04, 2011