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An amazing human being with humor to die for. Someone that can make you smile any time of the day with just one glance. The one who always looks beautiful. The girl that almost any guy would give anything to have, she's the girl they can only dream of. She is someone who when walking into a room commands your presence, you can't help but stare. The girl that is good at heart. Sadu, she is simply all her own.
Sadu, the girl that you wish you could call yours.
by joey the playapimp December 15, 2007
A technical thrash metal band from the bay area, formed in 1984. They are still around today and have released six albums all true to their roots.
Sadus Attack!
by Mephysto July 02, 2009
(SAD-is) A depressing/pitiful status on facebook.
Guy 1: Why can't she love me? What does he have that i don't? :'(
Guy 2: Haha! i love saduses!
by The 3rd Bzowey March 01, 2012
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