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You are a real sad act. Can be shorten to "Saddy"
Finlay you are such a sadact, get a job.
by Fraza March 28, 2006
Noun - an insult. "You are such a sad act."

Especially useful after they use a lame comeback or do an action of unspeakably sad proportions.
1. I just sent you a pokemon on facebook! See what it is! Send me one back! - This person is a sad-act

2. This email was sent by a sad-act and contains the ghost of Joe Bloggs, send it on to 100 people or he will sneak into your house at 3:15 this morning and rape your hamster!

3. Yeah?! Yeah?! Well.....I did your Mum! - You're such a sad-act...
by hidden-agenda January 06, 2010
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