goths. pathetic little bastards in black clothes, black makeup, and black hair, whining and bitching about how painful their lives are and how horrible the world is. Typically fans of the Cure.
Dude, let's go to Hot Topic and make fun of the sad kids!
by your mom September 08, 2003
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You call a kid this just to make him mad. He may not actually be sad, but by calling him Sad Kid you may provoke him to end up being a Sad Kid. It's basically taking one of your friends and giving him a nickname he doesn't want. It's like trolling, you just do it to get a reaction.
Freind 1: Hey look it's Jordan!

Friend 2: Who? Oh you are talking about Sad Kid.

Sad Kid: Im not sad!

Friend 2: I think you are Sad Kid because I just lost the game.

Sad Kid: No im really sad.
by Johnny Pirate. August 01, 2010

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