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A term used to describe a person who just sits around all day, wallowing in self pity. Someone who is almost emo, but doesn't quite look the part. Originated from the short flash video from Cyanide and Happiness.
Person: Larry? It is isn't it? Sad Larry! Hows it goin buddy?
Sad Larry: *sigh* Good, I guess...
Person: Awww, what's got you down this time?
Sad Larry: Ohh, it's nothin'.
Person: Heh, well you know what cheers me up after a lotta 'nothin' gets me down?
Sad Larry: *sigh* Wha-
Person: I dance! Hatcha-da-doo and a How-a-bout-you!
Sad Larry: *sigh*
Person: I'm sick of your shit Larry. *kicks tray of food into Sad Larry's face*
Sad Larry: *cries into folded arms*
by BakTastik August 13, 2009
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A person who always looks unhappy and depressed. Originated from the Cyanide and Happiness' Sad Larry web comic videos.
Sad Larry: sigh

Person: I'm sick of your shit Larry!

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