Serious Actor. One who finds moment to moment truths within day to day life. Someone who appreciates their Technical crew. Goes though ranges of emotions. Reality of doing.
This moment has passed and you not realizing that means your not a "Sactor".
by V is the V December 12, 2011
As said by Devon Soltendieck, a combination of the words singer and actor, most of the time people have talent in one area and think they are great in the other; this is aparent when singers poorly act in music videos and actors poorly sing in their movies/TV shows.

Very few people are actual sactors, being good in both fields.
Lindsay: Hey have you seen J.Lo's new movie?

Scarlet: No, but I have th soundtrack. She sings most of the songs.

Lindsay: She's such a sactor!
by Kenzurkay June 13, 2009

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