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The act of using honey as lubricant on the asshole of a woman with great deal of rectal hair and then having anal sex with her.
I found out I was allergic to honey when I got a rash on my dick after my girlfriend gave me a Sacramento Turtleneck.
by CaptainAwesome777 March 24, 2009
Like an Old King Clancy, except with orange marmalade.
Once this Canadian chick asked me to give her an Old King Clancy... I hear that's like a Sacramento Turtleneck except with syrup. I tossed her.
by BrickyFists March 24, 2009
When a male takes a "turtlehead" poking out his bunghole and draws the collar of a turtleneck on his partner.
She was complaining of being cold all evenin, so eventually I just gave her my Sacramento Turtleneck>
by the straw that stirs the drink March 24, 2009
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