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n. A party and bar game, derived from the "corn-hole" beanbag tossing game, invented by drunk people in Austin, TX.


2 teams, dividing the number of sacks between them (usually 2 team members, with 3 sacks each).

1. Coin toss determines first team
2. Each team chooses a bet (between 1-5) at the beginning of their throws for that round.
3. First team tosses all of their sacks, followed by second team
4. Scores are counted after all throws, as follows:

A complete miss of the board is negative points
If the sack hits the board but then after lands on the ground that's zero points
If a sack lands on the board and stays for the entire round that's equal points to a teams bet
If a sack goes in the hole that's double the bet points
Points aren't counted till the end of a round; Any sacks that get knocked off the board or fall in the hole after initial throw give points for their final position not their initial position.

To win a team must reach 21+ points
Any team who reaches - 21 points loses

Tie-Breaking rules are determined by the drunkest player on the field.
"Wow, we had some great Sackhole that night, even though I almost broke off my toe-nail!"
by SackholeCoach September 12, 2013
someone unimportant who is beyond an asshole but not quite a motherfucker.
"Did you see that frat boy in the expensive BMW cut me off? What a sackhole."
by zen***** January 22, 2009
a saying of nouns needed to be spoken when in the midst of disrespecting someone in a confabulation.
Girl : I don't mean to be on your sack-hole or anything, but im about to queef a bubble .
by fonii March 13, 2012

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