A very unique girl...She has dark hair and she has dark dark brown eyes...People are not always nice to her...And they don't realize how funny and great she is...She loves to wear skinny jeans, go to 7/11, and hang out with her friends... And she babysits to earn money
Wow what a unique girl... She is sooo like a Sabrina
by monster blood lover July 25, 2009
A girl who is shy until you get to know her. She LOVES books and is a total nerd but also feels like a loner sometimes. She likes hanging out with friends but will also read at any chance she gets. She's very loyal and can keep ANY secret, she's always there for you. She likes being single but might say yes to you if she really likes you.
Friend: hey sabrina... can i talk to you?
Sabrina: sure! whats wrong?
Friend: promise not to tell anyone?
Sabrina: cross my heart and hope to die
by 458pinkie October 01, 2011
An attractive girl who knows what she wants. Shes a good listener and is always there when you need her. Likes a good party and always up for a good laugh.
i love you sabrina
by yummyscrummy June 22, 2010
A very rare and unique girl.
Many girls in this world have this name but only one is the true Sabrina.
They are smart, beautiful, and have the softest brown skin of any woman.
They are strongly attracted to people named Joshua.
This girl is considered an urban legend but one man has claimed to find her.
He was looking for the true Sabrina for 19 years and finally found her.
by Baby Joshua August 14, 2008
sabrina.- is the bestest friend a person could ever have!

~she is super funny, can make you laugh when you are sad
~sabrina is amazinly gorgeous

~i could not live with out her
~has good memories with you and other friends

~there is no one out there like her she is super skinny and brown hair loves boys and jacob

(nick name is bina)
Girl: hey sabrina
bina: heyyy
girl: your my bestest friend
by xoxoloveheart123 November 23, 2009
sexy little lady who;s reallly sarcastic, but who loves to be the center of attention. she has some sort of skill that sometimes she is noticedd for, and she loves to read. a sabrina will usually have bluish eyes, light blonde hair, and a prety good body. dont ever make a mistake of hurting a sabrina because she KNOWS how to get back at someone. and always try to be her friend. it'll pay off in the end. and also, this girl is active, pretty, social, and quirky, but thats what makes her attractive
that girl is such a sabrina! i mean, just look at her!
by dancerr4evurr March 23, 2009
A really amazing person. She is always there for you. She is the greatest friend you could possibly have. She will be there for you when you're sad, happy, or angry. Plus, she's really successful at everything she does. You know why? Because when she fails, she keeps trying. She is an amazing person. She's beautiful, smart, extremely funny, and incredibly.
-I wish I could be more like Sabrina

-Yeah, me too!
by Sabber February 16, 2011
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