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A Sabri she is very funny. Very smart. She is very flexible. Loves to keep people smiling. Always has a smile on her face. She gets bullied at times but always keeps her head up. She is very energetic and likes to be the center of attention. She is shy at times. She is very dark skinned with dreads. She is a loving and affection it person and always has your back. She makes lots of friends but shes not that popular. She doesn't have the best laughs. She usually changes boyfriends like she changes clothes but is very trustworthy, loving and passion it during the relationships she's in. You may think she is shy at first but when you get to know her she's like the only person that you can call a friend and mean it. Shes very freaky ;) Don't get it twisted she may be sweet and nice but if get on her bad side.... its done.
Did you know Sabri go out with Brendon... no wait Jason.. wait no it is Nazir... I think das it.
by Yvng_Bria November 18, 2013
A person who is graciously tutored, regardless of time of day, by an incredibly busy individual. Usually an international student from Turkey. Known primarily for being ungrateful and immature.
That guy is such a Sabri! Do you see how disrespectful he is being to his tutor?!
by Shepinha December 12, 2010
An extremely annoying person who lost a lot of weight initially and is skinny, yet still thinks he is very fat.
The extremely hot girl in our class is a Sabri since she makes normal-weighted people feel obscenely obese.
by little_snow January 09, 2009