a stubborn haitian hay stacker who can direct a group of pubescent teens to do whatever she wants. she is protective at first, but once you get to know her she's chillnizzle. she is very accepting of others whether they are gay, straight, black, white...yellow...whatever! she loves them all. she has huge ass melons tied with a bush-like hairstyle and blasian face. she's also very charismatic.
Guy: Who's that chick with the afro? She's blocking my view.
Dude: UH...that's only SABINA!!! The most chillnizzle person EVER!
Guy: THAT'S HER?! I hope she likes mike and ikes...
by Zoey Charlie August 19, 2011
Top Definition
A true artist, amazing writer, she is beautiful, smart, cute, funny and a great friend. She will always listen to those who are not heard and offer help where ever help is needed.
She is patient, loving, soft-spoken and a true angel.
"I wish I was as good a writer as Sabina."
by gipsyacidqueen February 03, 2010
Your first and last love, beautiful, caring, perfect style, drop-dead smile, good mom, funny, can be extremely sexy, very nice body, a really good kisser, very smart, cute, adorable, has the most precious but biggest heart, nicest person you will ever meet, responsible, a life changer and all the positive things you can possibly thing of.
Wow your soo Sabina.. <3
by Anoynomous190231 April 26, 2010
Bosnian bush wacker who brings people to their knees. One who hails from the country of Sukkalotadik.
Beautiful, yet strong. Never stand in a Sabina's way, or she will kick your ass, especially if you have gathered multiple STD's by having sex with many girls (i.e. Kaylees, Karis, etc.) Stunningly gorgeous, boys fall to their knees as a Sabina walks by begging for her approval. Few actually gain her approval, and the rest are shunned as though they're black and have AIDS.

Never fuck with a Sabina.
A: oh shit, I can't hide this woody in front of the Sabina
by Lucy Wesp May 04, 2007
At first she will seem unique and funny, but you will realize that she is a girl who started to whore herself at a young age, around 12-13.

A girl who tries to act deep, but is in fact the biggest joke around. She will label herself as goth or emo and will have a ridiculous hair style in which her stringy, limp, damaged hair is directly in front of her face, causing her to have horrible acne.

Sabina's lack personal and moral hygiene.

A very annoying habit of a Sabina is that when trying to appear intelligent, she will try to be "poetic"; aka, a pretentious asshole.

Avoid a Sabina at all costs! She may seem special, unique kind, and even smart, but she's just like every whore out there. Same contents in a different package.
"Dude, that goth chick looks cool!"

"No way, she's a total Sabina."

"What?? How?"

"She's like 14, and I heard she cheated on AJ with some other dude she barely knew. Slept with him a day or meeting him"

"Wow, gross.
by MelonWater December 07, 2012
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