A moustache person that would tourture the shit out of you if you refuse to do what they say. He/She is also a person of ultimate awesomeness, the very reason the words awesome/epic was made. Usually has a side kick who's either named Irem or Bob. They are also awesome, but not to the level of supreem Epicness as Sabah. The method of torture they usually abide to is as follows: Slit his throat, and feed to the vultures, alive. Then butt rape, side ways. slice of fingers and toes. make them eat Poop, whip him till bleeds, wait for recovery, then start all over again. Then, till he/she is worn out, Burn.
Todd: Wheres Max?
Sam: He said no to Sabah.
Todd: RIP Max.
by MoustachioROCKS November 25, 2012
Top Definition
The most greatest, sexiest, gorgeous girls ever. Sabah's tend to be heart breakers but they are eye candy and what every guy desires.
ex. I wish i had a Sabah bro
by Shawn432 April 05, 2011
The only state in Malaysia apart from maybe Sarawak where the majority are non-Muslim.

Has been oppressed for years by the Islamic Malaysian Government and is treated like a colony rather than an equal state. This is shown with the Malaysian Government taking 95% of the states revenue and pumping it into mainland West Malaysia. The only place where the Bumi Putras are actually really cool people. (non malay bumiputras e.g. Kadazan, Murut etc,

Currently being disputed as to wether Sabah's "Ownership should be reverted back to Philippines.
non Malaysian: yeah i went to Sabah and the people are really friendly there

West Malaysian: Sabah?... oh dey got lots of monkeys.. i nvere been there but.
by JerJer Chavez November 23, 2006
morning in turkish
iyi sabahlar : good morning
by melis March 29, 2005
this means always there for ur friends
nd this person is not a lier
why can't u be like sabah for once
by tasha coleman October 12, 2004
Morning in arabic and turkish.
Sabah el-kheir = good morning ;-)
by Sinbadt May 17, 2005
sabah name of a state in malaysia ;

North of borneo
sabah , i love the ppl thr
by warna_2003 February 06, 2005
Most eastern state in the country of Malaysia. The only place in with actual tar roads is at the capital city, other than that, probably best to travel with a 4x4.

Public transport is mainly catered for pilak and orang timur. The easiest place to gain citizenship especially if you 'intend' to vote for the ruling government. Cash ranging from RM20-RM50 is given in exchange for votes during elections. Spitting is a common practice, probably inherited from 'foreign' culture.

Apart from that, Sabah is actually a nice place, nice beaches, islands and cool mountains. The people here are great, they are not as racist as the western side of Malaysia, only a bit lazier.
Example: Oi pilak, ko pikir Sabah masi di bawah perintahan pilipin ka? BUDU la kaw! punya sandi sana tu, urang suda bagi IC, skrang maw ambil tanah urang lagi, nda MALU!
by Headhunterkinabatangan July 27, 2012
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