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"So You Think You Can Dance"

A competitive dance show on Fox.
Last year (season 3) Sabra won 1st place.
She's the first girl to win the competition!
Sabra kicked ass with only 4 years of professional training.

Bottom line the show is dope.
Friend: "SYTYCD is starting May 22nd!"
Me: "Hell fucking yeah!"
by angeefresh May 21, 2008
55 7
the show so you think you can dance?
omg who do you think will win sytycd????
by catisablonde August 24, 2007
50 18
So You Think You Can Dance
A tv show.
Don't bother me, I'm watching sytycd.
by spankydude December 10, 2009
15 1
So You Think You Can Dance
"look at this poser"
by pandlaubberz June 02, 2010
6 3