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"So You Think You Can Dance"

A competitive dance show on Fox.
Last year (season 3) Sabra won 1st place.
She's the first girl to win the competition!
Sabra kicked ass with only 4 years of professional training.

Bottom line the show is dope.
Friend: "SYTYCD is starting May 22nd!"
Me: "Hell fucking yeah!"
by angeefresh May 21, 2008
the show so you think you can dance?
omg who do you think will win sytycd????
by catisablonde August 24, 2007
So You Think You Can Dance
A tv show.
Don't bother me, I'm watching sytycd.
by spankydude December 10, 2009
So You Think You Can Dance
"look at this poser"
by pandlaubberz June 02, 2010

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