Short for shut your mouth. A great abbreviation to send your friend and co-worker before they put their foot in their mouth.
Time to sym before they dump a bunch of extra work on you.
by Snewz June 11, 2008
Top Definition
SYM means "so you mad." This is an acronym that Bow Wow came up with. This can be used in text.
Text 1: where you with my ex last night?

Text 2: yea. sym?
by Love~Neezy June 30, 2009
Suck Yuh Madda (Suck your mother). Usually a very popular way of disrespecting Men in Jamaica. This Phrase will Inevitably result in a Fight..
Kimani guh sym.
Sym Swayer.
by Alexavidos July 05, 2011
Short for the exclamation: "SHITCHYEAH MAN!"
Dood 1: Hey bro, I just got some dank new herbs! Let's blaze a fatty!
Dood 2: SYM!
by DankBlzR November 12, 2010
short for So You Mad.
created by Bow Wow.
when a hater hits u up tlkn sh*t...hit em wit dha'll piss em off

Hater:: Bow Wow dnt qet no play.His sh*t sux!!

Bow Wow:: SYM?! y u mad niqqa. GNR GNR
by ninist8juiced July 01, 2009
An acronym for 'Save Your Money,' the credo of financially intelligent workers everywhere.
I was thinking about buying a new suit, but I know I have enough good ones already and I'm in SYM mode, so I decided to stand pat.
by Sinestro777 October 13, 2014
(screw you man)a saying used by young children at malls wearing heelies who think they are the shit
S.Y.M, you're being a real asshole.
by Tuh January 15, 2007
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