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(screw you man)a saying used by young children at malls wearing heelies who think they are the shit
S.Y.M, you're being a real asshole.
by Tuh January 15, 2007
SYM means "so you mad." This is an acronym that Bow Wow came up with. This can be used in text.
Text 1: where you with my ex last night?

Text 2: yea. sym?
by Love~Neezy June 30, 2009
Suck Yuh Madda (Suck your mother). Usually a very popular way of disrespecting Men in Jamaica. This Phrase will Inevitably result in a Fight..
Kimani guh sym.
Sym Swayer.
by Alexavidos July 05, 2011
Short for the exclamation: "SHITCHYEAH MAN!"
Dood 1: Hey bro, I just got some dank new herbs! Let's blaze a fatty!
Dood 2: SYM!
by DankBlzR November 12, 2010
Short for shut your mouth. A great abbreviation to send your friend and co-worker before they put their foot in their mouth.
Time to sym before they dump a bunch of extra work on you.
by Snewz June 11, 2008
short for So You Mad.
created by Bow Wow.
when a hater hits u up tlkn sh*t...hit em wit dha sym..it'll piss em off

Hater:: Bow Wow dnt qet no play.His sh*t sux!!

Bow Wow:: SYM?! y u mad niqqa. GNR GNR
by ninist8juiced July 01, 2009
A three word acronym; Shut Your Mouth; Telling someone to shut their mouth.
"SYM, don't talk to me like that again!"
by omr guy October 10, 2005