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Mainly used by scene kids (rich white kids) because they think they are black. They seperate into "crews" like gangs to be cool (hence the "Screw Your Crew" acronym).
XScarsRunDeepX///SYC\\\: I'm Scene. I'm a unique individual. And you stole my awesome, Scene haircut.

XxXADyingTearXxX: No! I'm scene! And I'm far more unique than you! I suggest you give me back my haircut before I am forced to write a blog on myspace about how angry you have made me!

XScarsRunDeepX///SYC\\\: Screw your crew nigga! kthnxbye
by Caleb February 20, 2006
A acronym used by 'emo' kids because they don't have anything better to do. It stands for "Screw Your Crew". They have them in their MySpace names.
Me: Why does that stupid emo kid have SYC in his MySpace name?
Friend: Because he is really cool.

The Vagina Mermaid\\\SYC///
by Jim Harlot January 29, 2006
SYC, or Shattered Youth Crew. Is a group of Straight Edge kids based out of Fallon/Reno, Nevada. They are often affiliated with the infamous group FSC, or Fuck Shit Crew. The two groups run the Fallon, Fernley, and Reno areas.
SYC and FSC often beat down juggalos.
by assfuck11 February 09, 2012
small yellow cock, antonym: BBC,
Happy Hamano has a SYC that doesn't make the ladies happy.
by BH42 January 01, 2008

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